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Contract agreement

Contract agreement is one of the most popular type of agreement not only in Minsk and Belarus, but all over the world. This agreement really makes business more successful and developed. It is very important for the foreign companies and businessmen to know that Belarusian business structures today are ready for partnership with foreigners, and foreign contractors are welcomed.

That is why it is necessary to know the significant conditions of contract agreement in Belarus.

First of all, the conclude of contract agreement is impossible without the condition of price. It is possible to set this condition using several ways. First of all the parties of agreement may set the certain amount of money that one party in the agreement should pay to the another party for service. But this way has tangible drawback.  None of the parties of agreement can require the change of the price in case of variation of the volume of work.

The second way is setting the method of determining of the price. This way is much more flexible and that is why this way in many cases is preferred.

Another significant condition of the contract agreement is time (term) of service. It is necessary to set initial date and theend of the term of the service. Also the parties can set the terms of certain stages of service.

Of course, every foreign trade agreement has its own special features. For example, the currency of agreement, the law system of agreement, jurisdiction in case of the trials also are supposed to be set in agreement. The details of this features will be analyzed in the articles that will come soon.

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